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Allah: Vengeful or Merciful?

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God is commonly referred to by his Arabic name Allah, most likely derived from al-ilah, literally meaning “The God.” He is ...

What Rights Islam Give to Women?

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Islam has been largely misunderstood when it comes to women’s rights. It is believed that Islam oppresses women by limiting ...

5 Authentic Steps to Memorize the Quran Faster

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Quran is the most beautiful book of Allah and reciting as well as memorizing it reaps great rewards for the believer. ...

Deeds that Make the Month of Ramadan More Rewarding

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Introduction: It is the arrival of the month of Ramadan and Muslims all over the world are busy in preparations ...

The Five Pillars of Islam are Actually the Pillars of Success

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There are five pillars of Islam. The very first pillar is the Shahada (testimony), the testification that there is no one worthy ...

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