What is Tafseer?

Interpretation or exegesis of the Quran is known as Tafseer or Tafsir.

People who want to strengthen their fundamental knowledge of Islam should opt for a Tafseer course. It sheds light on all matters of the Islamic way of life.

Besides this, Tafseer of the Quran enables a Muslim to understand the way of life idealized by Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him). A detailed insight into the lives of the previous nations and messengers makes the learner develop an affinity with this noble religion.

Not to forget that every second spent studying Tafseer brings excellent reward for the student.

As the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) says: Sayyidina Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) said,

He to whom Allah intends to do good is given by Allah an understanding of religion.


The Content of Our Online Tafseer Classes

Our online Quran translation course caters to Muslims who have newly developed an interest in Quranic knowledge.

If you are a Muslim living in a non-Muslim state, you likely have limited access to authentic Islamic knowledge. Our Tafseer course covers all issues of linguistics, jurisprudence, and theology.

It attempts to explain the Holy verses to Muslims who are willing to know more about their Lord (SWT).

The Domains Covered in Each of Our Tafseer Lessons

Our prodigious experts have curated a comprehensive curriculum for the online Tafseer course. The factors covered for each Quranic chapter include:

  1. The primary theme of the Surah
  2. The cause of its revelation
  3. The time and place of revelation
  4. Lessons derived from each chapter
  5. How you can implement these lessons and refine your character

Primary Objectives of Our Online Tafseer Course

We aim to obtain the following outcomes with our Tafseer lessons:

  1. To provide a scholarly understanding of Tafseer Science and overall Quranic Science
  2. To help students gain firmly grounded Islamic principles
  3. To make students capable of reflecting upon literary knowledge
  4. To create consciousness among learners about ethical and social responsibilities
  5. To enable students to contribute to Islamic solutions in economic, social, and cultural contexts

How Do We Go About Our Online Tafseer Course?

Our teachers understand that conventional teaching methods aren’t applicable in the new era.

Using innovative and tech-driven methods helps to drill and clarify concepts. Moreover, these techniques also ensure that the lessons taught will strongly impact the learners’ hearts.

Some strategies we use in our Tafseer course are:

Infographics and presentations to explain each chapter

Our teachers demonstrate graphics and pictures to help students understand the concepts of each Surah. The motive is to summarize the main discussions of every chapter.

This technique brings optimal outcomes for people of all ages.

Islamic stories for an illustrated explanation

Given how children tend to learn more with the stories, we have designed an ideal course for all young minds. Tafseer, supported by stories from the Quran and finely tuned illustrations, helps to boost kids’ knowledge.

Interactive class environment

A rigid class structure tends to bring minimal positive outcomes. Hence, we prefer interactive lessons for students in our online Tafseer course.

The teachers allow students to express their arguments and questions. This is how to establish their religious foundation and enhance their Quranic knowledge.

Printable worksheets after every chapter

We also provide worksheets after every chapter and let students solve them. The objectives and subjective question techniques reinforce the lessons learned during Tafseer’s classes.

Making it catchy

A dull and monotonous lesson may bore the student, compelling them to quit. We have designed a colorful structure for our Tafseer course to retain the interest of all learners.

We Choose Tutors with Excellent Credentials

We have selected the best team to deliver our online Tafseer course. Some qualities found in every teacher at our portal are:

  1. They are well-qualified with a degree from Al-Azhar and other well-known Islamic universities.
  2. They have honed their craft through years of experience in the field.
  3. Our native Arab tutors are well-versed in English and conduct the courses with extreme professionalism.
  4. They have learned from different scholars and have a grounded knowledge of this domain.
  5. They pass a few finely designed tests. Thus, they get the teaching position after going through many evaluation rounds.
  6. Their exciting techniques and a knack for teaching keep the student hooked to lesson from beginning till the end.

We have male and female tutors on our staff. If you are concerned about the gender of the tutor, you can discuss it with us!

Learn Tafseer Online in English, Urdu & Arabic Languages

Although the plain recitation of the last book of Allah without understanding its meanings does earn the reciters the blessings of Allah and His forgiveness, it’s important to interpret the Quran in order to understand the true message of Allah.  For people whose native language is not Arabic, it’s extremely important for them to understand the translation and Tafsir of the Quran to truly benefit from its teachings and commandments. The prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: Those who face difficulties in reading the Quran because of lack of understanding of the Arabic language will get double rewards.

The holy Quran not only consists of stories of past nations but also talks about personal, social, economic, and political issues and offers their solutions. It also contains information about all modern sciences such as astronomy, geology, biology, botany, physiology, embryology, etc. The book of Allah gives human beings the purpose of their lives and the secrets to a happy, healthy, and successful life both in this world and in the hereafter. One has to understand this divine book in its true connotation to be fully blessed with the endless learning it presents. Our Quran Tafseer classes online are aimed at achieving this.

Keeping in mind the significance of learning Quran Tafseer in English, LearnReadQuran.com offers the course with specialized Islamic scholars. Quran Tafsir is not easy as every Ayat needs to be interpreted according to the context in which it was revealed. We make sure our Quran tutors are qualified and eligible enough to teach this course in its entirety. Anyone who wants to understand the Quran either by word to word translation or in-depth details can go for this course. We offer our online Tafseer classes in English, Urdu, and Arabic languages.

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