The holy Quran is the last sacred book of Allah and a source of eternal guidance for all Muslims. It is a treasure of knowledge and a book in which Allah (SWT) Himself provides instructions to mankind so there is absolutely no doubt in the authenticity of its teachings. The holy Quran was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (SAW) through the angel Jibreel in Arabic language.

Learn Quran Tafseer Online in English, Urdu & Arabic Languages

Although, the plain recitation of the last book of Allah without understanding its meanings do earn the reciters the blessings of Allah and His forgiveness, it’s important to interpret the Quran in order to understand the true message of Allah.  For people whose native language is not Arabic, it’s extremely important for them to understand the translation and tafseer of the Quran to truly benefit from its teachings and commandments. The prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: Those who face difficulties in reading the Quran because of lack of understanding of the Arabic language will get double rewards.

The holy Quran not only consists of stories of the past nations but it also talks about personal, social, economic and political issues and offers their solutions. It also contains information about all modern sciences such as astronomy, geology, biology, botany, physiology, embryology etc. The book of Allah gives human beings the purpose of their lives and the secrets to a happy, healthy and successful life both in this world and in the hereafter. One has to understand this divine book in its true connotation to be fully blessed with the endless learning it presents. Our Quran tafseer classes online are aimed at achieving this.

Keeping in mind the significance of learning Quran tafseer in English, offers the course with specialized Islamic scholars. Quran tafseer is not easy as every Ayat needs to be interpreted according to the context in which it was revealed. We make sure our Quran tutors are qualified and eligible enough to teach this course in its entirety. Anyone who wants to understand the Quran either by word to word translation or in-depth details can go for this course. We currently offer our online tafseer classes in English and Urdu languages.

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