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Memorize Quran Online

One of the miracles of the glorious Quran is that one can easily memorize the entire Quran. The noble Quran contains some 80, 000 words but Allah has made it easy for Muslims to absorb it. The Quran is perhaps the only book that has been committed to memory by millions of people. A person who commits the entire Quran to memory is called a Hafiz or Huffaz for plural.

At the time of the holy prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), not many people were literate and writing was rarely used. The Arabs used to preserve their poetry by memory.  Upon receiving revelation, the holy prophet used to recite the exact words to his companions and encouraged them to learn and memorize not only the words, but also the pronunciation. Thus, the whole Quran was memorized by some of the companions of the prophet. It is believed that some 10, 000 to 150, 000 people had memorized the Quran perfectly at the time of its inscription. This practice continued even after Caliph Uthman ibn Affan collected and organized the Quran in chapters.


Benefits and Rewards of Quran Memorization

Huffaz are held with great honor within the Islamic community and are promised greater rewards in the Aakhirah (the world hereafter) by Allah almighty. Quran memorization is a highly rewarded act and should be done with the right intention i.e. to seek Allah’s pleasure. Memorizing Quran improves memory and brings discipline. It fades away anxiety, fears and stress. Quran recitation brings peace of mind and increases Allah’s bounties. The glorious Quran is a great healing power and major ailments can be cured through its recitation.

A Hafiz will be asked in heaven, “Recite the Quran as you used to recite in the world, go up one level for every verse, for your status will be commensurate with the last Aayah (verse) that you recite.”

Memorize Quran Online

Our online Quran memorization course has been comprehensively designed by our learned Islamic scholars. It is being taught keeping in view all the requirements and fundamentals of online Quran memorization. Since it requires constant practice, our tutors make sure their students don’t forget what they have already memorized along with memorizing new lesson.

Procedure: Students are made to memorize some verses every day/in every class depending upon their learning capacity. The tutor helps them, listens to their recitation and corrects the mistakes if any. The same verses are revised in the next class before helping them to memorize new Ayahs to ensure there are no mistakes. At the end of the month, all verses covered in that particular month are revised for further improvements and to ensure they have not forgotten it.

Quran memorization course is taught by experienced Huffaz who, over the years, have helped many students memorize and then never forget the Quran.

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