We currently offer the following online Quran courses. Our tutors first evaluate the student’s level and then start with any of these online Quran courses. Students can also pick any of the course that they want to join.

Quran Recitation Course:

The Quran recitation course has been designed for beginners who don’t know how to read the Quran. We will start from Qaida where we teach the Arabic alphabets, joining alphabets to form words, different signs and symbols and all the Tajweed rules. Qaida is the building block so we put special emphasis here and urge students to read it with full attention and interest. Once a student reads and understands Qaida, it becomes easier for him/her to go through the Quran.


Tajweed (Rules of Recitation) Course:

This course is for those who want to improve their Quran recitation. People who can read the Quran but not with proper Tajweed can go for this course. In this course, all the Tajweed rules such as Ghunnah, Idgham, Ikhfa, Izhaar, Qalqalah etc. are explained in details. Signs such as Mudd, Shad, Sukoon and rules of pronouncing different letters such as Full mouth letters, open and closed letters, Rules of Raa, rules of Waqf (stopping) etc. are taught. This Tajweed course is taught by specialized and experienced Qaris. The target is to make sure you read the Quran in the most recommended and flawless manner.

Quran Memorization Course:

This course has been designed for those who can read the Quran but want to memorize it. We have special tutors for Quran memorization course as this course requires time and effort. The tutor works with student to devise a plan to make memorization easier. Student first reads a page or two of the Quran with the tutor and the tutor identifies and corrects Tajweed mistakes, if any. The tutor then lets students practice it, first with the page and then without looking at the page. Student should practice at home also for revision. There is revision of every previous lesson before moving to the next lesson.

Quran Translation Course:

This is an advanced level course and has been designed for those who want to understand what the Quran actually says. First, word to word meanings of a verse are taught and then a general idea of the verse is explained in detail. The goal is to help students understand the context in which the verse was revealed and what it implies.