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Learn Quran Online for Kids – A Guide for Parents

The sight of your munchkin reading the Quran or talking about the Quranic stories swells your heart with pride. It is, indeed, a joyful moment for every Muslim parent that their child reads the Quran with fluency and interest.

However, there are some major obstacles that could curb your kids’ interest in Quranic education. For instance, the distractions posed by friends, technology, and educational endeavors. It is the sad reality of today that Muslim children are deluded by the Dunya. So much so, that they find it hard focusing on the Quran or making progress in other Islam-related domains.

Thankfully, the world of the Internet has appeared to save the Muslim generation from drowning in worldly delusions. It is now possible for kids all over the world to study the Quran with credible teachers from across the globe. Digital media has made it possible to learn Quran online for kids.

If you are a parent and have little idea of how it works, here are some pointers to clarify your concepts:

Online Quran Learning Platforms Are Increasing

Day by day, we notice the number of Quran learning platforms taking a hike. It is because more people have the resources and skills which compel them to utilize those in a productive manner. As a parent, it is your responsibility to explore all the available portals and opt for the most authentic ones.

You can look up the reviews of each platform and the history of their success. You can also make calls and talk to the tutors about your kids’ aptitude. We recommend all parents out there to conduct thorough research before they finalize one portal.

Conduct One-to-One Meetings with the Instructor

One issue when you look into the ways to learn Quran online for kids is – lack of face-to-face communication. It is quite easy to have a clear conversation with teachers on the site. In contrast, online Quran learning does not provide this convenience.

Nonetheless, applications like Skype, Messenger, Viber, and IMO are removing these obstacles too. You can pick a medium and have a conversation with the tutor. Tell them what do you expect and inform them about your child’s strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Parent-teacher communication is essential to ensure that a child goes on the right learning track.

Introduce Digital Learning to Your Child

Learning Quran online is something not every child knows. If your kid is young and doesn’t have an idea of how online learning works, you must introduce them to this mode of learning. Enlighten them about their new classes and how they should sit properly during the lectures.

We suggest you take trial lessons and stay seated with your kid. Show them how it works and how they should pay attention.

Choose a Pace as per the Child

We know how every child is different from another. They do not have equal learning capabilities and they may not catch the same speed as all other children. This is one of the main reasons why many parents prefer a tutor who pays individual attention to their child.

One of the perks, when you choose to learn Quran online for kids, is a one-to-one interaction between a teacher and the student. This gives the tutor the ability to understand the caliber of the child. They can then make a curriculum according to the child’s learning aptitude.

Ensure Consistency and Solace

Whether you opt to learn Quran online for kids or adults, it is important to ensure that the student remains consistent. They should attend all lectures and be punctual. It is common for kids to get bored of online Quran learning and try to skip classes. However, it is the responsibility of their parents to ensure that the child remains consistent.

Another factor to reap the most rewards out of online learning is to pick a secluded corner in the house. the kid should take classes at a place where there are few distractions so they can listen to the lectures attentively. It is the responsibility of adults to make sure they are constantly watching the child and there are no distractions in the learning environment.

Concluding Comments

It is the ultimate duty of every Muslim parent to expose their child to Quran learning. We will be questioned by Allah (SWT) about how much we have been responsible in this regard. We hope that all parents who are reading this blog will find a way to learn Quran online for their kids.

If you are stuck in this endeavor and don’t know how to proceed, feel free to contact our team. The professionals in our team will help you look at things from a different perspective and devise a learning pattern for your child.

Hafiz Ikram Ullah

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